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"Buku Wang Saku" or Pocket Money Book
Read what people says about BWS…
Wow, it is cool, I can find a lot of cute and funny cartoon inside
I am so happy when I won the coloring contest. I will join more contests from the book
By using the BWS, I can plan my money well. My parents are very happy with my plan.
I like the Uji Minda page a lot, thanks.

Do you know that "Buku Wang Saku" (BWS) was specially made to help you keep track of your spending and teach you how to manage your pocket money effectively?

When you use BWS everyday, besides learning how to manage your pocket money , you will also discover what money is and how to plan for a better future.

Just wondering, have you started to use BWS? If not, let's start using it today! You can listen to the BWS theme song while your record your pocket money and expenses in BWS.

Do You Have The Latest BWS?

The latest BWS for year 2013 is now available. It has two separate versions, one each for secondary and primary school students. Do you have a copy of the latest BWS? Contact your "Kelab Kewangan Pelajar Sekolah" (KKPS) and get one today!

Current look: BWS year 2013 (for primary and secondary school students)
Let's see how it looks like previously by clicking here.
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