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Students Financial Club
"Kelab Kewangan Pelajar Sekolah" (KKPS) or Students Financial Club

"Kelab Kewangan Pelajar Sekolah" (KKPS) was launched on 11 November 1999 at Sekolah Menengah Sains, Cheras, Kuala Lumpur. It was launched by Y.B. Dato' Sri Mohd Najib Bin Tun Hj. Abdul Razak who was the Minister of Education then.

KKPS operates as a platform for the school to organise activities related to Financial Planning. Activities organised by KKPS aim to promote financial planning and smart money management through usage of "Buku Wang Saku" (BWS) or Pocket Money Book.

What are the main objectives of KKPS?
To educate the students on good behaviors; financial ethic and high moral value
To inculcate honesty in all matters pertaining to financial in students
To give exposure to the students on the daily operations of financial institutions and products they offer
To inculcate good money management and how to save money for the future in a systematic and smart way.
What are some of the advantages of joining KKPS?
To prepare the students to enable them to play their role as an agent to disseminate knowledge to the society on smart money management, financial ethic and good moral habit pertaining to money
Students will gain knowledge, information and awareness on financial sector and the economy of the country
To give the opportunity to the students to apply the financial knowledge gain during the KKPS activities conducted inside and out side the classroom.
To establish smart partnership between financial sectors and education institutions through "Program Sekolah Angkat" (PSA).
To provide awareness to the students on the importance of conserving energy, water, electricity and other resources
Some of the activities of KKPS
Investment Corner
Banking Corner
Investment Day
Competitions relating to Financial Planning
Educational visit to Financial Institutions
Workshops and Financial Planning Camps
Seminars on usage of "Buku Wang Saku" (BWS)
Classroom activities related to Financial Planning.
Cultural activities with the theme `Financial Planning'
Office bearers of Kelab Kewangan Pelajar Sekolah
Principal/Head Master
Guidance Teacher/ Adopted Bank representative/ PIBG representatives
Vice Chairman
Asst. Secretary
Committee Members
5 Students
Adopted Bank representative and Student

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